About Us

QSK has established itself since 2006 as one of the renowned quality providers of catering and support services to large corporate industry and other large industries has developed its activity in UAE, Oman, Libya and Iran.

QSK is one of the leading Catering and related support services Companies. In just a short period, QSK has become one of the Middle East leading independent Contract Catering Companies, serving daily over 31000 meals/day in the different Business, Industry and Education Sectors, to whom we offer various Catering packages.

QSK culture is one of pride in performance and integrity plus a level of commitment that comes from employee satisfaction and motivation. Our professionals are dedicated to providing clients with value-focused service and results. QSK seasoned Operations managers, Project Managers, Supervisors, Support services Managers, Technicians, and Executive Chefs are known for their leadership, applications of highest related standards and technology, and ability to achieve Clients' highest satisfaction levels.

Experienced in various projects, QSK has earned a reputation for developing and using leading-edge concepts to solve challenging situations. Our standard is to incorporate skills developed in one industry into cost-effective solution in others. This forward-leaning philosophy, coupled with the strongest commitment to learn, anticipate, and adapt to an ever changing set of client's needs and desires, has enabled QSK to establish and retain long-term client relationships.

To get into industrial catering you normally have to get a contract with a company and our contract is executed on a basis and procedure, which are beneficial and mutually agreed upon, by both parties and Our objective is service of food as required in the appropriate manner at the appropriate time on a daily basis and provides adequate quantity of food at the stipulated time schedule prescribed, voiding shortage and eliminating wastage on a daily basis.

- To procure raw materials (non perishable on a monthly basis and perishable on a daily basis) for the production of the required menu.
- To employ staff for the service of the food at the place of requirement.
- To prepare food and do services as per the menu and time specified ensuring quality, reducing wastage, spillage and spoilage.
- To employ staff for the cleaning of the kitchen equipments, food production area and the food service area.
- To provide required uniform for the staff and make provision for the washing and maintenance of the same. To train and motivate the available staff to achieve the required goals as specified.